Having been born and brought up in Somerset I have lived on the Mendip Hills for over twenty years.

I would describe myself as a direct painter who likes to respond to a subject, mainly the landscape of the Mendip Hills, in an immediate and expressive manner.  Charcoal and mixed media allow me to do this although sometimes I go beyond the scope of painting into photography and printmaking as my response to a subject dictates.  More recently I have taken a slightly more considered approach, reducing the size of my work considerably.


My love for teaching must just be a part of me.  I am told I am enthusiastic and encouraging.  All I know is that I get a great deal of pleasure out of imparting the knowledge I have gained over the years to willing and interested students and watching them grow week by week both in confidence and in ability.  Even a one-day workshop can leave someone feeling rejuvenated and inspired.